"In the end, all that matters is faith expressing itself through LOVE." ~ Galatians 5:6


Last year the Holy Spirit asked me a question. He said, "What happens when you take a day to simply love people?"

I wasn't sure how to respond because I've never done that before.

After a few weeks of pressing in and praying about what that would look like the Lord placed it on my heart to buy 500 roses, for 500 strangers with ONE message, "The LOVE of Jesus."

After some research on WHERE to buy that many roses, I finally pulled the trigger and gave it all to God.


Pink Roses

The Lord did INCREDIBLE things that day and moved in the hearts of hundreds of people across the entire valley.

I watched Him provide PERFECT sunny weather in the middle of a snowstorm so that we could simply love people that day.

I watched Him work in the heart of one florist who decided to clock out of work three hours early just to help me prep all of the roses.

I watched in AW as the florists testified that the roses we received were the MOST beautiful roses they have EVER gotten in the store. (They order those roses from the same vendor all the time but God made those roses extra special and it was amazing to hear them confirm that).


I listened to story after story of how HE touched people and brought them to tears.


My favorite story is of a little boy with some severe disabilities. When my friend went to his school his eyes lit up when he saw all of the roses.

When he found out that the girls were going to pass them out and share God's love with the other students he asked if he could help.

My friend said, "Of course! In fact, you can pass ALL of the roses out if you'd like!"

When she said that, he started to cry.


Hearing that story made me cry too.


I know, at THAT moment, God's love wasn't just reaching out to the kids in the school, it was reaching out to that one little boy.

To the little boy who often feels overlooked and undervalued by his classmates because of his disabilities.

That day, God reached down to show His LOVE to him and hundreds of others.

Many of you reading this joined me that day and I am forever grateful for your service in loving the lost to life!

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With Love,