"For we walk by faith, not by sight." - 2 Corinthians 5:7


What happens when we humbly sit at Jesus' feet and simply take God at His Word?

What happens when we simply believe that Jesus is who He says He is?


A Healer. A Savior. A Deliver.

What happens when, with childlike faith, we simply believe?


On June 15th, 2019 I found out.


Here are the stories from that day and the MIRACLES God preformed when I chose to walk by faith and simply TRUST Him.


About seven weeks ago I stood in my living room and told my husband that my true passion is simply, "Talking about Jesus, with EVERYONE!"

My husband replied, "Ok...that's awesome! But what does that mean and look like?"

I said, "I'm not exactly sure. But I know that if talking about the GLORY of God is what the Lord has asked me to do, then He will provide the opportunities in His perfect timing."

Two days after that conversation, I sat on a park bench at my kids' soccer game and the Lord arranged a divine appointment.

That day I met a wonderful woman named Kacey. A beautiful woman who LOVES the Lord and runs a young women's ministry in Los Angeles out of Vintage Church.

The Holy Spirit wove our hearts together that afternoon and we met for lunch the next day to continue our conversation about Jesus.


By the end of lunch, she looked at me and said, "Kristin, I would LOVE for you to come to L.A. and share your testimony with the young women in my ministry and teach them about living a life filled with the Holy Spirit!"


I nearly choked on my sandwich.


48 hours after lifting my hearts desires up to the Lord, He was opening doors where I saw none...

Sister, what desires and dreams has He placed on your heart? Have you lifted them up to Him? Are you trusting Him with the dreams He has placed in your heart?

If not, I encourage you to take the time to sincerely do that today.

He cares for you. He is listening. He wants what's best for you and when we abide in Him, (John 15:4) it's His great pleasure to give us the desires of our heart (John 15:1-17).




I was beyond ecstatic to get a whole day to talk about Jesus (especially with a captive audience who wanted to listen)!

However, as always, God's divine plan wasn't without spiritual attack.

After we arranged a day and time for the gathering to take place, I remember thinking to myself, "The only thing that would keep me from going to L.A. is if the kids and I get sick."

The day after I finished preparing what I'd teach and talk about my daughter and I both got terribly sick.

It's been a long time since I've been really ill and this hit me like a wrecking ball.

Finally, the time came to make a decision about whether or not I could even go.

The gathering in L.A. was only three days away and with a 102 fever, a wicked cough, and zero energy my mind didn't see how this trip was possible.

In spite of my reservations, I decided to lift up my sickness to the Lord and pray about what I should do.

That night I knelt in prayer and instead of leaning on my own understanding I asked the Lord for wisdom. I said, "Father, what should I do? I need your help. You know how long this sickness will last, and I know you have the power to deliver me from it at any moment. So please Father, should I stay home or should I go?"

While praying the Lord gave me a clear image of me packing up the car, getting in the car, and driving to the airport in FAITH.


SO, that's what I did.


However, Friday came (the gathering was scheduled for Saturday) and at that point, I literally had NO voice. After weeks of coughing, I simply couldn't speak.

Fear started to creep in and then the enemy whispered, "Kristin, you have no voice. You can't even speak. You are going to waste everyone's time and embarrass yourself. Don't go. Call it off."

My mind wanted to listen to those whispers. After all, they made sense to my flesh!

But then I remembered what the Lord told me...




SO, I did. The next morning I got in my car at 3:00 am to make a 6:00 am flight to L.A. and I still couldn't talk.

Each time the enemy chimed in, I remembered that the God I serve has already crushed the devils head and is GREATER than anything the enemy can throw at me.

I've come to realize that the only thing that scares the enemy is genuine FAITH in Christ.

The enemy hates faith and knows he can't defeat it because JESUS has already defeated him.




I arrived in L.A. at 8:00 am and the women were arriving at 10:00 am.

Thirty minutes before they arrived Kacey and I knelt in prayer and she petitioned the Lord and asked Him to restore my voice and silence my cough.

Praying in Jesus name

10:00 am came and by the POWER of the Holy Spirit, God restored my voice and silenced my cough for FIVE HOURS!

For FIVE HOURS the Holy Spirit flooded that room, delivered women, restored hearts, and drew these incredible young ladies to Him in a way that only He can!


Where I saw no way, God made a way. THANK YOU JESUS!!!


Sister, is there something in your life that the enemy is holding over you? Is that thing keeping you from everything God has planned for you? Are you believing the lies of the enemy more than the Word of God?

If so, I pray this story encourages you to trust and believe that the God we serve is GREATER than the enemy of this world.

He is trustworthy and FAITHFUL to provide when we walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).




When the gathering came to a close Kacey and I jumped back into her car and we raced to the airport so I could catch my return flight home.

On the way to the airport that morning I had prayed for a "divine appointment on the plane." I prayed that God would seat me next to someone who He had appointed.

I didn't meet that person on my way to L.A. but on my flight back to San Jose, CA God faithfully answered my prayer.

A few minutes after I sat down next to the window, a petite Asian woman sat down in the middle seat next to me.

About halfway through the flight, the two of us started a conversation.

A few minutes into our conversation the Holy Spirit chimed in and said, "Ask her if she knows me."


"Umm, haha, pardon Lord?" I had to laugh.


I have never heard Him ask me to say that before. I figured one of two things when I heard this, 1. either she doesn't know Jesus and He wants me to share the Gospel with her or 2. she does know Him and He's got a plan for this conversation.

A little nervous but on FIRE for Him I figured what the heck!?

I turned to her and said, "Soo, I have a random question for you, do you know the Lord?"

She turned to me with a surprised smile on her face and said, "You mean, am I a Christian? Yes! I love Jesus!" she replied enthusiastically.

We both laughed and rejoiced together over our joint LOVE for Him.

A few moments later I felt the Holy Spirit chime in again, "Ask her if she needs prayer for something."

I felt a strange heaviness behind His prompting.

I turned to her and said, "I feel like God wants me to ask you if you need prayer for something specific? Do you?"


Tears started to roll down her cheeks.


She turned to me to speak but she had to clear her throat a few times before she could get the words out.

Finally, through all the tears she said, "Yes. My new grandson was born early and is in intensive care after needing emergency brain surgery. I am on my way now to the Denver Children's Hospital to go meet him for the first time."

As she said those words I felt God's LOVE for her and for that little boy pour over the two of us.

At 40,000 feet, on flight 3802, we held hands and cried as we prayed together and lifted her precious grandson up to the Father.


At 40,000 feet in the air, God reached out to her and said, "I see you. I am with you. I love you and that little boy and I am FOR YOU. Everything will be OK."


That day, God delivered this precious woman from fear and anxiety about her grandson's fragile little life.


I saw JOY, HOPE and PEACE wash over her as His presence filled that plane.


Sister, can you relate to her pain? Are you hurting? Are you struggling to find answers and resolution for certain situations in your life?

Are you needing reassurance and confirmation from Him that He too is with YOU?

If so, then know that this story is HIM reaching out to you, right here, right now, saying that HE CARES for YOU and there is not a single tear that falls that He doesn't see and want to heal.

He knows every hurt in your heart, every worry, and every fear, and He cares for you more than you could ever imagine.


Will you trust Him with your pain?


Even when we don't feel Him, He promises to always be there. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6).

Today, if this story applies to you, I pray that the Spirit helps you lift up your worries, fears, and heartaches to Him and helps you to trust that He will take care of them all in His perfect timing and in His perfect way.


When my flight landed and everyone got off the plane I was overcome with AW for the Lord and His faithfulness.

As I walked up the ramp that led from the plane to the terminal I passed a man who was clearly injured and hobbling along on one leg.

As I sped past him and made a B-Line for the terminal I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Go pray for him."


Yep, you read that right. The Lord clearly said, "Go pray for him."


I was a bit scared of that command so I sped past him and ignored the Holy Spirit.

For a few moments, I tried to shake off what I had just heard.

At this point, I had been awake for nearly 20 hours and as on fire as I was for Jesus, I was ready to get home and get to bed!

Surely the day was over.  Surely it was perfectly alright to run to my car and just drive home?


(Big Exhale) Nope.


My mind wanted to head straight for my car and ignore the Holy Spirit but the further I walked away from him the heavier my feet started to feel.

Finally, I decided to stop and ponder what I had heard.

Listening to the Holy Spirit

When I stopped, I turned around and watched the poor old man hobble towards me.

It felt like an eternity passed as I stood in the middle of the airport and debated what to do.

As I continued to watch him, compassion for him started to flood my heart.


Time stood still as critical moments passed.


Of course, I was nervous. Of course, I felt afraid. I was in the middle of an international airport with hundreds of people watching and God just asked me to go pray for a strangers leg.




But then...JESUS


As I stood there FAITH from the Holy Spirit flooded my spirit and I started to wonder...

"What if God? What if God does a miracle right here and right now? I don't want to miss that! If I don't obey I will never know what God had planned for this man!"

The moment my heart said YES everyone else in that airport faded into the background. Suddenly, fear no longer had a hold on me.


From that point forward it was about God's fierce LOVE for this man.


After what felt like an eternity standing in the middle of the airport staring at this poor old guy I finally took a DEEP breath and walked over to him.

I said, "Excuse me, sir, would you like prayer for your leg?"

Surprised and caught off guard he said, "Oh, wow. Umm. That's so kind of you...Uhh, thank you but I think I am Ok...by the way, are you Pentecostal?"

"No sir, I just love Jesus with all my heart and I believe everything His Word says."

You'd think I would have left it at that but that's when God poured out even more boldness and I said, "Are you sure you don't want prayer for your leg? I really believe that God just asked me to come and pray for you and I would love to pray for your leg if you'll let me?"

"Well, umm, alright then. Yeah, Ok. Thanks!" He replied.

We walked over to the wall to get out of the middle of the airport walkway and I asked him what his pain level was on a 1-10 scale. He said, "right now it's about a 7."

I asked if it was ok if I placed my hands on his hip where it hurt and after he agreed I began to pray for complete and total healing in Jesus name.

After the prayer, I looked up at him and said, "Ok, try it out, how does it feel?"

"Oh, wow! It's actually feeling much better! It's like a 4 now!" He exclaimed.

He seemed thrilled and satisfied with the decrease in pain and was about to thank me and walk into the restaurant behind us when God poured out even MORE boldness.

"That's amazing! Thank you, Jesus!!" I proclaimed! "We're not done yet though! God wants your leg TOTALLY healed! Lets keeping praying until it's down to zero! Come on, let's pray again!" I exclaimed.

Surprised by my persistence and enthusiasm he agreed and stepped closer for more prayer.

This time, when I placed my hands on him and asked for complete healing in Jesus name,  I felt a surge of warmth rush through my hands and as it did he started to moan and groan.

In all honesty, the noises caught me off guard and I thought he was making noises because he wanted me to stop so I rushed to finish my prayer.

When I stood up to ask him how it was feeling he just stared at me with a look of shock on his face and said, "Mame, may I buy you dinner? I want to thank you for what you've just done!"

"Thank you! That's so kind, but I've got three little kids waiting for me at home and a super patient husband who's been watching them ALL day so I have to run." I responded.

Then the Holy Spirit chimed in again and said, "He can be healed but not saved.  Ask him if he knows me."

Before leaving I said, "Sir, Do you know the Lord?"

"Why yes, I do! My wife is in seminary school right now."

"Ok, wonderful!" I exclaimed.

We both took a moment to ponder everything that had just happened. I saw him start to move his injured leg and test it out further.

Then he said, "Thank you so much for stopping and praying for me. My hip really feels better!"

"That was ALL Him," I replied.

" Ok. Well God bless you, and THANK YOU again!" he said.

With that, I left him and walked to my car. Once again, in AW of the Lord.


Sisters, are you believing every bit of God's Word with your whole heart? Are you coming to Him with childlike faith and trusting that His Word is TRUE? That He IS a HEALER, a SAVIOR, and a DELIVER?

If doubt still swarms any part of your heart, my hope and prayer for you today is that the Holy Spirit encourages you to believe in Jesus with childlike FAITH and that you say YES to stepping out of the boat and onto the water with Him.


"For we walk by FAITH, and not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7


With Love,